5 Ed Tech Trends to Follow in 2024

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Did You Know

  • Did you know that an Large Language Model like Llama 2 from Meta is essentially only two files (one is 146GB and contains the data and the second file is an executable you compile with C or Python to get the chat interface. It can all fit on a laptop.

  • Did you know that generative AI can be used to create synthetic data that can be used to train machine learning models and improve their accuracy.

  • Did you know that generative AI can simulate historical events, scientific experiments, or artistic creations, allowing students to explore and learn interactively.

  • Did you know that generative AI can create customized study guides based on student performance and learning objectives5

AI & Cyber News 🛡️

Important Story: 5 K–12 Ed Tech Trends to Follow in 2024

Exec Summary: The article "5 K–12 Ed Tech Trends to Follow in 2024" from EdTech Magazine presents an insightful analysis of emerging trends in educational technology. These trends are pivotal for K–12 IT leaders, given the evolving educational landscape influenced by federal changes and budgetary constraints. Key trends include:

Device Lifecycle Management: Prioritizing cost-effective strategies to prolong device usage.

AI Integration in Education: Leveraging AI for teaching support and administrative efficiency.

Advanced Network Management: Utilizing sophisticated tools for network monitoring in schools.

Zero Trust Security through IAM: Implementing identity and access management as part of robust cybersecurity.

Tech for Safety and Mental Health: Adopting technologies focused on safety and mental wellness in schools.

As the education sector continues to evolve, these trends highlight the importance of adaptive and forward-thinking strategies in technology integration for schools. Understanding and embracing these trends will be crucial for the success and security of educational environments in 2024 and beyond.

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More AI & Cyber News:

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AI in Education Prompt of the Week

AI in Education - Text-based simulation of a cyber security disaster scenario prompt:

Act as a world-class cybersecurity expert specializing in education. Given the following context, criteria, and instructions, create a text-based simulation of a cyber security disaster scenario, like a [Type of Attack or Breach], and outline the emergency response steps.

## Context

You are the head of cybersecurity for a large educational institution with thousands of students and faculty members. The institution manages sensitive information including student records, financial data, and research projects. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, with the potential for various types of cyber attacks including phishing, ransomware, and data breaches.

## Approach

The simulation should mimic a realistic cyber security disaster scenario, such as a ransomware attack that encrypts critical data on the institution's servers, making them inaccessible. Simulate the initial detection of the attack, its spread, and the potential impact on the institution's operations and data.

## Response Format

The response format should outline the emergency response steps in a chronological order, including the immediate actions to contain the attack, mitigate its impact, and restore normal operations. Each step should be clearly defined and actionable.

## Instructions

- Simulate the scenario with professional terminology and technical details to make it as realistic as possible.

- Emphasize the importance of communication and coordination among the relevant teams such as IT, security, legal, and executive leadership.

- Provide specific guidelines for incident response, including containment, investigation, eradication, recovery, and lessons learned.

  • Note: Any words in [Word] in brackets like that is a variable that you insert or add. Here is the format to add variable after the prompt: [Word] = Your answer for variable

The Intersection in Education

Many of these articles highlight the increasing importance of AI and cybersecurity in the field of education and the steps being taken to address the associated challenges.


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